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Premier Affair Sample Menu

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A Premier Affair!

Chef Stephen Serventi Presents

Baby Mixed Greens, Toasted Walnuts,
Roasted Gold & Ruby Beets, French Vinaigrette

Taglietelle with Oven Roasted Wild Mushrooms,
Fresh Herbs and Shaved Grana

Lemon Lime Sorbet

Pan Roasted Halibut, Sundried Tomato,

Caper, Parsley & Lemon Sauce

Dijon Crusted Rack of Lamb, Port Wine Sauce

Potato and Fennel au Gratin
Julienne of Seasonal Vegetables

Cheese Presentation
Brebirousse, Pappillion, Delice and Bourenkaas Cheeses

Mixed Berry Crepe Flower
Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Sauce